Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Film Hollywood

Apa pendapat Anda tentang menghilangnya film-film Hollywood dari kebanyakan bioskop? http://fb.me/GiR6HLtW


Siapa yang tidak suka coklat? Sebuah universitas di Amerika melakukan penelitian mengenai kualitas coklat dan meneliti kebenaran anggapan bahwa coklat yang mahal berkualitas lebih baik dan lebih enak. Apa benar? Lihat jawabannya dalam liputan ini.

Coklat Murah vs Mahal - VOA untuk Diplomatic Affairs 17 Februari 2011
Seperti halnya banyak barang lain, ada beragam kelas coklat dari sisi harga. Apakah saja faktor penentu kualitas coklat? Apakah rasa atau kandungan bahannya? Ataukah ada faktor lain? Berikut liputannya.

Mr. Slush Indonesia

Strawberry cultivars vary remarkably in size, color, flavor, shape, degree of fertility, season of ripening, liability to disease and constitution of plant. Some vary in foliage, and some vary materially in the relative development of their sexual organs. In most cases the flowers appear hermaphroditic in structure, but function as either male or female.
For purposes of commercial production, plants are propagated from runners (stolons) and, in general, distributed as either bare root plants or plugs. Cultivation follows one of two general models, annual plasticulture or a perennial system of matted rows or mounds. A small amount of strawberries are also produced in greenhouses during the off season.
The bulk of modern commercial production uses the plasticulture system. In this method, raised beds are formed each year, fumigated, and covered with plastic to prevent weed growth and erosion. Plants, usually obtained from northern nurseries, are planted through holes punched in this covering, and irrigation tubing is run underneath. Runners are removed from the plants as they appear, to encourage the plants to put most of their energy into fruit development. At the end of the harvest season, the plastic is removed and the plants are plowed into the ground. Because strawberry plants more than a year or two old begin to decline in productivity and fruit quality, this system of replacing the plants each year allows for improved yields and denser plantings. However, because it requires a longer growing season to allow for establishment of the plants each year, and because of the increased costs in terms of forming and covering the mounds and purchasing plants each year, it is not always practical in all areas.

What ungrateful Social Media

On September 3, 2010 at 13:55 we were talking about Facebook, internet marketing, social networking

How well, how cool, everyone is talking about the latest fashion, social networking, social media, community managers, large, all of this began to smoke a lot, and while not deviating and see what really lies behind us must suffer the consequences.

And certainly this is that Social Media is not fun, maybe because we were unable to move you to the customer what this means or simply because they do not know as much as we think.

Clients usually throws his hands to his head to look at the budget to manage and streamline their social network presence, because as I have said this to Facebook and Twitter-free, for nothing, because it's free. And also have a friend / relative / partner who will claim that 5 minutes a day is enough to put any nonsense in the Twitter timeline, therefore, that it is to spend some Minutillo and so forth, I have a social media presence. And on top, to make matters worse, I save the company blog, that's the end of the day increasingly obsolete.

To a certain extent is true, write Twitter tweets on the timeline we are two minutes, which did not stop to think that many people may share this information retweetable interesting content or are being investigated about an hour between the sources of blogs, tweets and searches. Then, everything changed, and not talking about 5 minutes, we talked about all day a caring, listening, searching, filtering, meet interesting new people.

Are notary fees and paste only the cost for the time signature? I think not, I think that is because it requires a certain job and quality, you can not do as much as another sign of the year, and also devote your study and research. However, notaries are very grateful to their work. Why not do for all that our work as professionals in Social Media is more fun? At least in terms of economic returns